Walk Newlyn

Pam Lomax (Editor)


Published by the Newlyn Archive 2020

42 pages

32 illustrations

4 maps

ISBN 978-0-9567528-5-7

Price: £5.00


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The Newlyn Co-op, Trelawney's Fish Shop & Stevenson's Fish Shop



The Square in Newlyn.

The Strand

1. The Newlyn Town Walk

2,. The Street-an-Nowan Walk

3. The Tolcarne Walk

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Books of Interest


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Lamorna Society Member Heather Whatley has recently published a book Laura Knight in the Malverns' about the 30 years Laura and Harold Knight lived and worked in the Malverns. Heather isFounder and Vice Chairman of Friends of Dame Laura Knight Society. The book is priced £7.50 and is available on Amazon.



The Munnings Art Museum’s NEW BOOK reveals intimate, charming and humorous insights into the life of Sir Alfred Munnings.


Yours with Love AJ, by Brenda Parish,  is based on letters written by the renowned East Anglian artist to his wife, Violet, between 1920 and 1922. - £28.00 (includes postage and package within the UK)



A century after many of them were first written this beautiful publication, based on fifty-four letters painstakingly transcribed

by the museum, reveals never-before-seen correspondence from Sir Alfred Munnings to his wife.

When the first of the letters was written in April 1920, Munnings had established himself as an artist of repute following

the critical and public success of his First World War paintings. The deluge of commissions that followed meant that he was often away from his idyllic new home in the village of Dedham, travelling great distances to paint his patrons. Billeted in local

hostelries, or in the homes of his clients, he began to write regular letters home to his new wife, Violet.

Seemingly scribbled in quieter moments, these affectionate and conversational letters, with little regard for grammar and

punctuation, dash from subject to subject. They also reveal the abiding love that Munnings had for Violet; often signed off

with “Yours with love, AJ, X”.


An exhibition to accompany the book will open at the Munnings Art Museum in due course.



                      NEW BOOK


The Newlyn Tidal Observatory


Compiled by Richard Cockram, Linda Holmes, Ron Hogg and Frank Iddiols

Edited by P Lomax

Published by Newlyn Archive 2018

ISBN 978-0-9567528-4-0

40 pages

47 illustrations


Price £8







Rob Parsons, Harbour Master:

The port of Newlyn has a rich seam of fascinating stories to tell and none more so than how Ordnance Datum became the bench mark against which all vertical heights, hills and mountains in Mainland Britain are measured.

What this comprehensive account shows is not just how much progress has been charted - from the primitive methods of measurement involving a man and a bucket to the sophisticated technology of Global Navigation Satellite systems that now measure data automatically every second - but also the many human stories that it encapsulates.

From Liverpool's Jeremiah Horrocks in the 1600's to local families in the 20th century, all those involved in documenting the rise and fall of the tide have contributed to the strategic national significance of the Port and provided Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners with a robust platform for conservation and development.

Given our unique geographic location and exposure to the Atlantic's tidal surges, Newlyn has experienced its fair share of challenges to overcome and the 21st century is no exception: climate change and Brexit are our current watchwords.

What characterises Newlyn and the people who live and work in it, is resilience in the face of change. In spite of the inexorable march of automation, the Tidal Observatory has been a constant for the last 130 years and Newlyn has maintained its position as the sole baseline for the assessment of mean sea level.

Whilst technological advances will change the way in which data id captured and trsnsmitted, and other challenges will affect our coastal community, the Port of Newlyn

will continue to take pride in the stories of the past as well as create new ones for the future.




The Artists' Trail in Lamorna is a celebration of 20 years of the Lamorna Society, its members and their appreciation of the Lamorna Valley- its literature, its social and natural history and the many artists associated with it.

The Lamorna Society was formed in 1997 following the exhibition of Lamorna Birch's work at Falmouth Art Gallery. This was inspired by the biography of Birch, A Painter's Laureate: Lamorna Birch and his circle, by Austin Wormleighton, who became the Society's President.

Because so many Friends of the Valley attended the exhibition, a guided walk around Lamorna was organised by Keith Gardiner, a Lamorna resident and son of artist Stanley Gardiner. This walk was photographed by Angela Wheeler whose album has informed this guide. This booklet owes a great deal to that original walk but also to those who have added more recent knowledge, such as Hugh Bedford who has led many walks through the artists' valley, showing visitors the delights of Lamorna and the artists' haunts, and more recently Robert Fishburn.







David Tovey has recently completed this biography of Crosbie Garstin (1887-1930) who was  author, artist, adventurer and so much more...


A selection of books written about Lamorna and the artists and writers past and present connected to Lamorna, Newlyn and St Ives.

Hugh Bedford

Frank Gascoigne Heath and his Newlyn School Friends at Lamorna


George Bednar

Every Corner Was A Picture


Mrs Lionel Birch

Stanhope Forbes and Mrs Elizabeth Forbes


G Fredic Bolling & Valerie A Withington

The Graphic Work of Laura Knight, including a Catalogue Raisonne of her Prints


David Bradfield

The Life and Work of Richard ‘Seal’ Weatherby

A Breadth Of Fresh Air


John Branfield

Charles Simpson Painter of Animals & Birds, Coastline & Moorland

Charles and Ella Naper – Art and Life in Lamorna


John Branfield, Geoffrey & Jill Garnier


A Marriage of Arts

Judith Cook, Melissa Hardie & Christiana Payne


Singing from the Walls: The Life and Art of Elizabeth Forbes

R John Croft

Catalogue Raisonne on the Work of Laura and Harold Knight


Tom  Cross

Painting The Warmth Of The Sun


John Curnow



Janet Dunbar

Laura Knight


Caroline Fox

Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School

Dame Laura Knight


Keith Gardiner

A Painter’s Paradise- Memories of an Artist’s Son Growing Up in Lamorna


Jean Goodman

What A Go! The Life of Alfred Munnings


Iris M Green

Artists At Home & Posing The Model


Jim Hosking

People, Places and Past Events in St Buryan

People and Places in Paul Parish, including Mousehole and Newlyn

People and Places in Sacreed Parish

Boskenna and the Paynters

Cornish Connections


Susan Hoyle

West Cornwall in the Twentieth Century Life in Penwith


Alison James

A Singular Vision Dod Proctor 1890-1972


Averil King

Newlyn Flowers: The Floral Art Of Dod Proctor


Laura Knight

The Magic of Line – The Autobiography of Laura Knight

Oil Paint & Grease Paint


Roger Langley

Walter Langley: Pioneer of the Newlyn Art Colony

Edwin Harris 1855-1906


Pam Lomax

The Golden Dream A Biography of Thomas Cooper Gotch

Newlyn At School 1946-1946

Newlyn At War 1939-1945

A Long Engagement


Pamela Lomax & Ron Hogg


Newlyn Before The Artists Came

Kenneth Mc Conkey, Peter Risdon & Pauline Shepherd


Harold Harvey: Painter of Cornwall

Susie Mitchell

Recollections of Lamorna


Sir Alfred Munnings

An Artsit’s Life

Second burst

The Finish


John Nash

The Potter’s Tale


Laura Newton

Painting At The Edge


Penwith History Group

Treasures of the Morrab: A Penzance Library That Has More Than Books


Lorian Peralta-Ramos


The Mastery of Munnings Sir Alfred Munnings 1878-1959

Margaret Powell

Master Of The Sea: Charles Napier Hemy RA RWS


Richard Pryke

Norman Garstin Irishman & Newlyn Artist


Michael Sagar- Fenton

The Rosebud & The Newlyn Clearances



Maria Tuke Sainsbury


Henry Scott Tuke

Jonathan Smith

Summer In February


Derek Tangye

Numerous Titles Starting With A Gull On The Roof


The Court Gallery

Garnet Wolseley 1884-1967


David Tovey

St Ives Art pre-1890 - The Dawn of the Colony

Pioneers of St Ives Art at Home and Abroad 1889-1914

Sea Change - Fine and Decorative Art in St Ives 1914-1930

Creating A Splash - The St Ives Society of Artists 1927-1952

St Ives (1860-1930) - The Artists and the Community - A Social History

George Fagin Bradshaw

W.H.Y. Titcomb A Newlyner From St Ives

W.H.Y. Titcomb Bristol Venice & The Continental Tours


David Wainwright & Catherine Dinn


Under Canvas, Henry Scott Duke

Bernard Walke

Twenty Years At St Hillary


Catherine Wallace

Under the Open Sky: The Paintings of the Newlyn and Lamorna Artists 1880-1940

Henry Scott Tuke Painting From Cornwall


Austin Wormleighton

A Painter Laureate: Lamorna Birch And His Circle

Morning Tide: John Anthony Park & The Painters Of Light